2015 Spring Academic Game for Elementary Students

Middle School Question Set

Season primarily used: 2014-2015

A mACF set targeted at upper-elementary students (3rd-6th grade level) who are new to quizbowl competition. The main site was written as a tossups-only set which has since been converted into a more traditional tossup-bonus set with 21/21 per packet (20/20 with a tiebreaker/replacement). Since elementary quiz bowl competition is not standardized to the extent that MS and HS is, questions can be reformatted to meet the needs of mirror sites upon reasonable request. Available for mirroring from mid-March 2015 through December 2015. Tossups-only: $7/team Tossup/bonus: $10/team Other formats: custom priced Distribution: 4/4 Language Arts & Literature 4/4 Social Studies (History & Civics) 4.5/4.5 Science 2.5/2.5 Mathematics (includes computation) 1.5/1.5 Religion & Mythology 1.5/1.5 Fine Arts 1/1 Geography 0.5/0.5 Current Events 0.5/0.5 General Knowledge/Miscellaneous 1/1 Pop Culture

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